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Summer jobs

Super Summer Jobs for Kids

My children are now of the age that they want to have their own money to spend. Navigating this has been tricky because we have three kids and one bank account…clearly the bank account is outnumbered. Not only does paying multiple kids add up each week, but I’m old fashioned and believe that they should […]

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Soccer = Love

World Cup Wrap Up: How Soccer Showed the World Love

  Were you one of the 25 million Americans who watched the 2014 FIFA World Cup this year? If the craze caught you, then you’ll appreciate this recap Ten Things We Learned from the World Cup. In case you have been living under a rock, World Cup is an international soccer tournament that takes place […]

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A Road Trip Without Sedatives

“Mommmm! He won’t quit touching my game/remote control/head….I am bored/hot/hungry…When are we going to be there/eat/stop again?” Summer is a great time for a family road trip. Most of us pull out of the driveway with grand hopes of creating priceless family bonding experiences with our children. With enough snacks to survive the apocalypse and […]

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July 4

The Palmetto State, an Ultimate Patriot

Trending online and making the major media rounds right this moment is a ranking of “The Most Patriotic States,” as determined by The Movoto Real Estate blog. Hold onto your Uncle Sam hats, South Carolina was voted #1! The blog factored in data including veterans per capita, money spent to fund veterans, national historic landmarks […]

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Couple counting coins

Seven Steps to Successful Summer Employment

  Welcome to summer! While it officially kicked off on June 21st, you may have needed a bit of time to get back in the swing of things after a busy school year (for both kids and parents). One of summer’s perks is the chance to gain new experiences and make some extra money.  If […]

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110 Things to Do When Your Kids Say, “I’m Bored!”

“Mommmm! I’m borrrrrrrrred!” Nothing makes a mom’s eye twitch more than these three little words. Like dragging nails on a chalkboard, this phrase can be a universal call to arms for any household. I tell my children regularly that life is only as fun as you make it and boredom is a choice. So here are 110 […]

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