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ATM Safety

 It’s a fast paced world and convenience is key. We love being able to drive up or pop into a store for quick ATM service, but there are some precautions to keep in mind. Check out these helpful hints before you hit the cash machine this weekend and, as always, never share you pin information! […]

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Free Money — it’s smpl.!

I promise. There’s good news at the end of these staggering statistics about student loan debt. Did you know: According to the New York Times, there are an estimated two million Americans age 60 and older who are in debt from unpaid student loans. 40 million Americans now have at least one outstanding student loan, […]

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Online Banking Upgrade: It’s Here… but We’re Here to Help!

You’ve seen the mail, received the call, clicked on the pop up…our Online Banking enhancements are happening. In fact, right this very moment! We know it’s been a lot of information. The good news is that most everything you need should be on the reference guides at scfederal.org/onlinebanking2015 or in your email inbox (hint: check […]

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Apple Pay-ing it Forward

We all like to be “in the know”…it’s almost human nature. So, I’m sure you’ve been hearing about Apple Pay, but you may still have some questions as to what all the buzz is about. The Wikipedia version: Apple Pay is a mobile payment and digital wallet service by Apple Inc. that lets users make […]

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10 Meaningful Gifts That Don’t Come Wrapped

When we think of gifts, we typically think of presents. While all presents are gifts, not all gifts are presents. Voted “Most Popular Christmas Gift” by people everywhere since, well, forever, presents are the standard go-to for gift-giving, but they are not the only way to give a gift. There are so many ways to show people […]

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Have you Heard? Online Banking’s 2015 Refresh

Have you Heard? Online Banking’s 2015 Refresh

We’ve been reaching out to you to share the news of our 2015 Online Banking upgrade. We realize anticipation for the holidays fills mailboxes with cards and inboxes with sales, but we want to make sure you stay informed with important news from your credit union. We don’t want you to miss a beat in […]

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