отзывы о зеленом кофе это реально работает !
caleb and isaac

Sibling Bickering

The bickering phase. We’re there. If you’re there too, you know it’s just like Hotel California — you can checkout anytime you want but you can never really leave. Lately when one of my children isn’t shouting, “He’s touching me!”, then it’s “Give it BACK!”, “That’s MINE!”, or “MOMMMM!” And that’s just at breakfast. Somehow [...]

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Heartbleed Bug

Concerned about the “Heartbleed Bug”?

“Heartbleed Bug” concerns consumers. Only systems using OpenSSL are vulnerable. South Carolina Federal does not run OpenSSL on any of its hosted systems. Consumers should routinely update passwords, antivirus software, and operating systems.

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You’ve Got the Microphone

Last summer my daughter seriously burned her hands. I posted about the incident on Facebook, so for the next few weeks whenever we bumped into friends around town they’d ask Ella how her hands were healing. As we walked away from yet another group of well-wishers Ella looked at me and said, “Mom, did you [...]

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mercy letter 2

A Generation Ready to Shine

Yesterday a package came in the mail for my daughter Ella. Inside the package was a letter and gift from a well-known author / speaker. Ella originally wrote to this woman as part of a school project, not expecting a response back. Imagine our surprise and excitement to not only get a response, but to [...]

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A How-To for Your W-2

Tired of spending hours preparing your tax returns? Baffled about tax credits and filing deadlines? Contemplating throwing all those carefully-compiled receipts and W-2 forms in the incinerator? Rest easy, Trident United Way is here to give tax credits where tax credits are due. Families earning less than $95,000 are eligible for free tax preparation at [...]

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Mothers Should Not…

How many times a day do we “should” ourselves? “I should have a cleaner house.” “I should cook healthier meals.” “I should play with my kids more.” “I should be a better Mom.” We probably “should” ourselves way before we’re ever Moms, but it seems from the moment the umbilical cord of our first child [...]

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