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Our Talent Acquisition Team will be hosting an on-site Career Expo at our Rivers Branch to promote the following front line positions: Peak-Time, Part-Time and Reduced Full-Time Relationship Specialists (Sales and Service Teams). Where: Rivers Branch (6265 Rivers Avenue, North Charleston, SC 29406) When: Thursday, December 5th from 4:00 – 6:00 PM Are you or someone you know interested in attending […]

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Best Values at Dollar Stores

Members of the BALANCE counseling staff aren’t just looking for tips to give others. They’re also shoppers themselves, and they are always looking for deals to make their own dollars stretch as far as possible. With that in mind, the counseling staff was polled for a list of their favorite non-food items to get bargains […]

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Baby Budget Checklist

Having a baby is a time filled with happiness and warm thoughts of the future. To best prepare yourself financially for your new arrival, it can help to create a separate budget just for the increased expenses baby will bring. Below is a list of expense and considerations you will want to factor in should […]

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Happy 66th Annual International Credit Union Day

Today is the big day, where credit unions and their members around the world celebrate the 66th annual International Credit Union Day with the theme, “Credit Unions Unite for Good,” and promote awareness of the credit union difference. “International Credit Union Day is a great opportunity to celebrate everything that makes credit unions different,” said […]

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Money missteps: A great thing to happen to a kid?

YOU SPENT YOUR MONEY ON WHAT?!?!?! Any parent with a child old enough to have control over money has probably at least thought that, if not shouted it across a dinner table. While the outrage at a teenager spending an entire pile of birthday money on one pair of jeans is understandable, you might want […]

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When will that Collection Account Fall Off your Credit Report?

In the arena of credit reporting, there probably isn’t any issue that causes more confusion, or generates more false information, than collection account listings. For example, you may have heard that collections agencies trade or sell accounts amongst themselves because this prolongs the time the collection account can remain on your credit report. This is […]

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