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Is your kid a “super” saver?

“Some super heroes are born; others are made.,” quips #ToughtalkingTroy as he speaks with a group of neighborhood youngsters in honor of #CUYOUTHWEEK. When TTT was 10 years old, he became a super crime-fighting hero. His super powers lasted for a short period of time and he could only get them by eating the different colors of Smartie® candies one […]

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candlelight vigil

Are you up to a Candlelight Vigil?

#ToughtalkingTroy asks, “Would you believe a child is abused in South Carolina every 49 minutes? Or that 46% of children who die as a result of abuse or neglect are under the age of 1 year?” #candlelightvigil. Many folks simply think that child abuse and neglect cannot happen in Charleston, SC. It is safer and more […]

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Did you “opt” for Courtesy Pay?

#Tough-talkingTroy has found that folks are talking and texting about “Overdraft Fees.” #courtesypay. In fact, the government’s new consumer protection agency appears to have its sights on this product of consumer convenience. In some instances, the agency wants financial institutions to go back to the chalk board and work up a new model. Did you know […]

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Will you be a CU Valentine?

One thing #ToughtalkingTroy knows for sure…when a member loves his credit union, he loves ‘em for life. #BTDNOW. Over what will soon become a 20-year career working with credit unions, TTT has witnessed many first hand experiences of this type of love and affection. What makes this heart-felt connection real? Could it be as simple as the fact […]

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Make it a bank-free day, or what?

#ToughtalkingTroy just read in the February 2012 Consumer Report that consumers will continue to feel the pain of fee hikes at most commercial banks. #BTDNOW. The report indicates that fee hikes and tougher account requirements are very likely to continue. “For example, some banks, including PNC and US Bank, are now charging a $25 fee to […]

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Are you seeing “RED?”

#Tough-talking Troy isn’t pitching a new rant on bank fees, instead the focus today is on the American Heart Association’s “GO RED” campaign #nationalwearredday. Every Friday in February credit union staff will don the “RED” to support the initiative, which brings attention to Heart Health Month. Having a mom who is a 43-year cancer survivor […]

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