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Cyber Monday Shopping?

Were you one of the millions of shoppers who headed to the mall or big-box stores while your Thanksgiving dinner was still digesting?  I confess, I did not get out until 5:30 AM last Friday, so I might’ve missed a few super deals.  Still, I got the lion’s share of my shopping done and what has been purchased has already been wrapped.  Woo hoo!!

But if online shopping is your preference, today is the day to get those Cyber Monday deals!  Before you hunker down over your keyboard, take these tips to heart:

  1. Plan your shopping budget.  Even a super deal requires that you spend money, so make sure it’s money you planned to spend.
  2. Know your site.  Since you’re using a credit, debit or prepaid card online, make sure the site has adequate security and that it’s a site you trust – preferably one you’ve used before.
  3. Use the tools – your “in box” is probably full of emails from merchants touting their “last chance” Cyber Monday deals.  If what they’re offering is on your list, go for it!  (see tip #1)
  4. Check out sites like Gizmodo,  cybermonday.com or Dealio.   (Not to seem repetitive, but please see tip #1)
  5. Having trouble with tip #1?   You might need to “lock your card” to curb your shopping enthusiasm and protect your budget.  You can enroll your card at no charge online or by phone at 877-285-6251.   You still have complete control and can “unlock” your card any time, but you’ll be protected against anyone else using your card for unauthorized purchases, AND you’ll help protect yourself against over spending.

Remember, no matter how much you’re going to save on that Cyber Monday deal, you still have to spend money to get the deal!

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