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Let the Madness Begin…

It’s that fun time of year…March Madness is here!  Even if you’re not a college basketball fan, you have to love the excitement of completing your bracket and the excuses you’ll hear from your friends who make the wrong Final Four picks!

Even the President participates!  Think you can pick the winners better than him?  You can read more about his challenge here. Locally, the Post & Courier is hosting March Mayhem–a contest you can enter, make your selections and have the chance to win prizes every round and the chance to win $1 million!

Personally, my family has its own match up and we have tons of fun calling each other to brag about how well we did in Round 1.  I also find the NCAA tournament to be a great way to meet new people…you’ll find many people cheering on teams when you’re out and you never know where you’ll find friends.  I’ve found myself last year wearing a Kentucky t-shirt at Kickin Chicken downtown cheering on a team I’ve never rooted for in my life.  But, my team (Maryland) didn’t make it in so I cheered for my friend’s favorite team.  When they kept winning, she kept insisting I was their good luck charm (beware–superstition is on the rise during the tournament) and I continued to wear the same t-shirt for every game.

Needless to say, March Madness provides a great conversation starter, small talk and the like.  If you’ve never participated before, then I highly encourage you to fill out a bracket.  You can even pick your winners based on team color (no lie, I have friends who have done this before and gotten pretty far with their picks although I don’t recommend it!).  As for me, I’ll be making my selections later today after I review the USA Today’s Bracket Tips.

I’d love to hear how you’re doing or what you like most about March Madness…post your comments below!

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