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#Stronger Body

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Sickness is contagious, but so is healthiness. While it only takes one germ to make you sick, it only takes one healthy choice to begin making you healthy. Before long other areas of life are affected. People around you are impacted. Health is spread, bringing side effects of wellness and wholeness.

My husband and I were inspired to begin our #stronger journey after watching the movie Lone Survivor. The movie is based on the true story of Operation Red Wings, a Navy SEALS recon mission that took place in Afghanistan in 2005. The movie was a great eye-opener for us two typical Americans who live in a bubble and struggle with first world problems – like no Starbucks within 15-minutes of our house. (Umm New York, could you spare a Starbucks or two?) But what impacted us most about the movie was the incredible control the SEALS had over their bodies. Other than Jack Bauer, I never knew humans could endure so much. Here we were struggling to wake up at an acceptable hour each morning, while these soldiers were training their bodies to push past breaking point. It was awesome. And insane. Mostly insane. Ok so it was awe-sane.

I’m not ready to become a Navy SEAL yet, but I did finish the movie with a desire to be stronger. I realized that tolerating pain could mean more than just wearing high heels all day. Mastering discomfort – and I’m not just talking about sporting those Spanx – could actually serve a purpose. Of course, I’m not advocating masochism because pain without purpose is dumb. But we’ve been brainwashed into believing all pain is bad and total comfort is good. We typically avoid discomfort at all costs. Does this do us any favors? Does it make us better people? Stronger? Healthier?  What would happen if we stopped avoiding pain and discomfort and started using them to make us stronger? I have a sneaky suspicion that our bodies are capable of more than what we typically use them for, which means we’re short-changing ourselves.

Well, if that wasn’t the Pep Talk you were hoping for, how about this: You are physically capable of so much more than you think! (Yes YOU, Mom of four kids! Yes YOU, 65-year old Grandma! Yes YOU with the bad knees and YOU with the poor coordination!)

#Stronger Focus

We committed to tackling these areas in order to create a healthy sustainable lifestyle:

-We adopted an early, consistent bedtime.

-We are committed to getting up before the sun at a consistent time each day.

-We are committed to exercising consistently and regularly. Together.

-We set fitness goals each week and chronicle our progress to monitor growth and improvement.

-We (are trying to) eat meals at consistent times each day.

-We are committed to eating healthier foods.

-We will regularly rest our bodies. Once a day for 30-minutes and once a week for an entire day. No guilt allowed! Rest is necessary and healthy. We are so much more effective when we operate out of rest rather than crashing and burning into exhaustion.

#Stronger Tips

  1. Start small. Be sure to set small, attainable goals.
  2. Chronicle your progress. Results are incredibly motivating!
  3. Find someone to join you. Get a partner and start your own #stronger journey together. Exercise together, share your goals and progress with each other, hold each other accountable, push each other, and encourage one another. We’re stronger together.

It’s all about choices. Will I wake up before the sun or be woken up by my son? Will I run with my husband or wave at him as I run out the door? Will I sip my coffee or scarf it? Will I chase health and wholeness or wealth and happiness?

So, will you get stronger with me?


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  1. Steven Davis August 28, 2014 at 10:52 am #

    I have initiated my own fix up Steve Davis campaign as well ( am the one who resembles the bad knees portion). The accumulated damage of a life of bad choices takes time to overcome. Diet, attitude and a couple surgeries are a starting place, but I find that my neverending Faith that He will help me see it through helps to keep me moving forward with ever increasing confidence and momementum. With Him all things are possible.

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