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Caleb Happy

Successful Parent Status

Is there a tiny human who has been permanently placed under your supervision for the duration of life? If so, congratulations! This means you have successfully become a parent. This does not mean that you’re a successful parent, per se, but merely that you’ve taken the first step toward becoming a successful parent by successfully […]

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Money missteps: A great thing to happen to a kid?

YOU SPENT YOUR MONEY ON WHAT?!?!?! Any parent with a child old enough to have control over money has probably at least thought that, if not shouted it across a dinner table. While the outrage at a teenager spending an entire pile of birthday money on one pair of jeans is understandable, you might want […]

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A Healthy Family Dynamic

My husband and I just got back from a trip to New York City, sans kids. It’s the first time we’ve been away together just the two of us in years. At one point during the trip I had to acknowledge the obvious—life was so easy when it was just us! There was an abundance […]

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The Tooth Fairy Is Giving Out Raises!

When I was little, I vividly remember getting so excited about getting a loose tooth! I knew I was a day or two away from payday! In the 80’s when I was growing up, the Tooth Fairy’s rate was $1 a tooth! That was big money to me back in the day! I also remember […]

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Our First Date

I remember the night of our first date we went to a little cafe over by the College of Charleston campus. A quiet dinner together, just you and I. The college students surrounded us, Eating and drinking and discussing deep philosophical issues. You sat across from me looking so debonair in your jeans and button-down […]

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The 4 Bank System for Kids

We must help our kids learn to “compartmentalize” and manage money. Otherwise, they will get into the habit of regarding their allowance as money they can spend entirely on things like movies, toys, music, and clothes. It’s not a realistic view of money. As adults, if they treat their paychecks the way they treat their […]

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