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Protecting Your Information Online

Today we are featuring a post from guest blogger, Elizabeth Volkman, a Branch Service Representative with South Carolina Federal Credit Union: We’ve all heard horror stories (especially these last couple days) about identity theft and fraud related to the internet, but how exactly does your information get compromised online? And what can you do to protect […]

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Security Center

Regular readers of this blog column know I actively promote Online Banking (understatement?). Usually accompanying one of these posts in some mention of online security. Truth is, the team here at South Carolina Federal Credit Union is constantly looking at ways to product our members from fraud and theft. To help members better understand the […]

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What’s your secret code?

“123456” or “password”. Do you recognize either of these as passwords you use? If you do, then you’re not alone. They are just a couple of the most popular passwords in use today. Before you steer away from this post and start changing your passwords, perhaps it’s time to reflect for a moment on password […]

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Did you “opt” for Courtesy Pay?

#Tough-talkingTroy has found that folks are talking and texting about “Overdraft Fees.” #courtesypay. In fact, the government’s new consumer protection agency appears to have its sights on this product of consumer convenience. In some instances, the agency wants financial institutions to go back to the chalk board and work up a new model. Did you know […]

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