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What do microfiche, debit card testing and Peaches have in common?

Brenda Wiggins

Brenda Wiggins from Finance Department

Brenda Wiggins from the Finance department will celebrate 28 years with the credit union in June. She first started in the files department pulling microfiche. They were small, square plastic imprints about the size of a note card, which contained member data that could only be read through a specialized machine that enlarged the print of the data stored on the plastic imprint. “Every bit of data … every transaction … and every report was produced that way,” she recalled.

“One of my early jobs was being a debit card tester,” Brenda told me with chagrin. “Boy, was I excited to give this new card a try. Went shopping that evening after work, swiped the card in the terminal, and was promptly denied. For a moment it was embarrassing ,” Brenda chuckled. “Then I remember. Oh, that’s my job to make sure it works so the member doesn’t feel this way.”

Brenda fondly refers to the credit union as her family. She got teary for a second, “Friends have come and gone over the years, but to me, this is my home away from home. What a great experience working here. And, you know I like it because my daily commute is over 70 miles round trip.”  

Her favorite member story is about … Peaches. (Peaches here. Pebbles there. You just can’t make this good stuff up!) Peaches was an elderly man who would visit the credit union and go from department to department delivering cookies. “Those were the days when it wasn’t a security issue for folks to walk through the departments,” expressed Brenda. Peaches would stay up all night baking a fresh batch of treats and then spend the day sharing them with his friends at the credit union. “You know, I’m not sure exactly how he got his name, but it seemed to suit him just fine. Now that I think about it, Peaches was just part of the extended family, too.” Brenda said with a smile.

As we bring our tenured employee highlights to a close, the credit union celebrates 75 years of service and dedication to members who live, work, worship and attend school in our communities. Tender-loving Troy hopes you’ve enjoyed this latest installment and asks,”What do you have in common with where you work?”

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